We welcome all guests (singing or non-singing) to our weekly evening rehearsals. They take place every Tuesday* from 7:00-10:00pm in the basement Fellowship Hall of the Holladay Park Church of God, 2120 NE Tillamook St., Portland, OR 97212 (click for map).
It is best to park in the parking lot off of Tillamook St.
The "afterglow" (around 10:30pm) is 10 minutes away at Zien Hong Restaurant, 5314 NE Sandy Blvd.
If you have more specific questions, you can call us at 971-238-7664.

If you come to visit us and desire to sing, you will be loaned a Guest Book with all the sheet music in it. You may choose whether to sing tenor, lead, baritone, or bass, although lead is the part that is recommended for novices, as it has the melody most of the time.

Most of the rehearsal is taken up with singing on the risers as a chorus and receiving instruction from our fine director, John Burri. But the typical rehearsal also includes a variety of other settings including sectional rehearsals and tag-singing in quartets. Sometimes a visiting quartet comes in to entertain us. 

If, after visiting a couple of rehearsals, you decide that you're interested in becoming a member of the group on an ongoing basis, our Chapter Development VP will provide you with all the information about the chapter and the Society, along with information about costs, benefits, and auditioning. You don't need to be an outstanding singer (although it helps), and you don't need to be able to read music (although it helps, and we'll try to give you opportunities to develop that skill).

If you decide to join us (and we hope that you do), we will schedule an audition for you with our music team, probably before a rehearsal. They will ask you to match a pitch that someone sings or plays, give you a chance to demonstrate the extent of your range, and ask you to sing a few phrases of a song of your choosing. You may also be asked to improvise a harmony of a familiar song. The final part of the audition, which can be done at a later time, consists of learning a song on your own (with the help of learning materials that we provide), and singing it in a quartet with three of our members. You don't need to sing it perfectly (but it helps), we only want to get an idea of how well you can learn music and how independently you can sing your part.

Guest night 5-28-13